A rock climber makes his way along a small rock ledge in some outdoor boulderingRock climbing is an amazing sport that pushes your body to its limit. Dedicated climbers love the challenges it provides as new routes force us to adapt physically and mentally to solve and overcome a climbing problem. No two routes are the same, with different muscles, techniques, and strategies required on each new climb: overhangs demand immense arm and back strength, crimps and slopers challenge the fingers, precarious footholds require core strength and balance, and dynamic moves and jumps need power while multi-pitch climbs present amazing feats of endurance.

With such a large skill set required, training for rock climbing can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a veteran climber or just starting out, the right training tools and techniques can make your training more efficient, satisfying, and fun. The right precautions will also help prevent injuries that can set you back for months. I wish you all the best with your climbing goals, and hope that these pages help you reach them.