Feb 25

Bamboo Clothes? Check Out Tasc’s Next Generation Sports Gear

Tasc Performance is a new outdoor apparel brand that is redefining  the term high performance. Their unique technology uses all-natural bamboo fibers to create a clothing material of unequaled performance. This special material leverages the natural properties of bamboo to create a fabric that is perfect for athletics. It repels water, dries quickly, reduces odor, and helps keep you cool. Plus it does all this while providing a super comfortable fit, without all the scratchiness of traditional polyester materials!

This clothing breakthrough was the result of two years of research into natural fibers. As a result, Tasc has been able to start production of the most comfortable, highest quality apparel that athletes will be able to find.

Tasc Performance is a family company based in New Orleans, and their natural products help support renewable materials and conservation efforts. They were tired of how uncomfortable synthetic materials were to wear, and decided to create something better! After two years of research, they finally patented a new fabric that was better then traditional polyester in every way.

This new fabric, made from a proprietary blend of bamboo and cotton, feels like nothing else you’ve ever tried on. it is incredibly breathable and natural, while also resisting odor and protecting from UV rays.

Video Review Of Tasc Athletic Apparel

Personally, I’m very excited by what Tasc is accomplishing in the field of high performance, renewable athletic materials. For me, clothing makes a huge difference in how well I perform. Whether it’s rock climbing, running, cycling, or any other activity outside, if I’m not comfortable, I’m not having a good time.

This new line of athletic apparel from Tasc promises to fix this problem, and revolutionize the way we do sports. They’ve been generous enough to offer our readers free shipping on Tasc gear, so try them out!

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