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Hard climbs are demanding on your whole body. Train your legs, core, back, and arms to be ready for anything.

Aug 07

Weighted pullups to build climbing strength

Weighted Pullups Can Break A Climbing Plateau Are you hitting a plateau in your rock climbing training? Often times we improve quickly when we start climbing, but then progress slows after the initial improvement in ability and strength. This can be frustrating, and getting past it means changing your training to provide new challenges to …

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Jul 30

The difference between strength and power in climbing

Climbing dynos require immense power

Strength and power are both vital in rock climbing and, despite being related, need to be trained for differently. Strength represents the maximum possible force you can exert. This might be locking off with one hand on a crimp, for example. Power, on the other hand, is defined as energy over time. Having lots of …

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Jul 02

Using gymnastics rings to train for climbing

Gymnastics rings are an incredibly versatile training tool. While they won’t train your finger strength, they work a lot of muscles important to climbing. They also build a high strength to weight ratio, which is important to gymnasts and climbers a like. I bought my own pair four years ago and haven’t gone back to …

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