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Oct 15

Where To Buy Climbing Gear: Top 5 places to buy climbing gear online

The top five places to buy climbing gear online

Climbing can be an expensive hobby, and to save money I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best places to buy climbing gear. The following sites are some of my go-to places when I want to do some price comparisons on different gear, or am looking for something special and hard to find. …

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Sep 08

A climbing harness for pregnant women?

This new harness by Mountain Mama is specially designed for pregnant women

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Mountain Mama, a company specializing in outdoor gear for expecting mothers, has just unveiled the world’s first climbing harness for pregnant women. Created with help from Mad Rock, the harness features padded leg loops and an “X” design in back to provide full support and cradle the torso. …

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Aug 02

Awesome deal on slack lines at The Clymb

In this review of the clymb we cover what products you might see on sale

A little while ago I wrote about how great slacklines are for rock climbing cross training. Now, for three days, The Clymb is featuring Gibbon Classic Slack lines as one of their flash sales. 15 meters lines are $47 and 25 meters lines are only $55! The Clymb is a members only website, but it’s …

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Jul 25

Make your own liquid chalk for climbing

A little while ago I talked about how liquid chalk could be used to provide a better grip than regular chalk. It provides a great base layer, dries out your sweat, and stays on for longer. However, one bottle is fairly expensive so some people may be hesitant to try it. If you want to …

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Jul 11

Healing skin fast with Climb On!

Climb on! ointment helps to heal cracked and cut climbing hands

Sore skin? Last weekend I was climbing outdoors with a friend when I mentioned to him how cut up and sore the skin on my hands was. He grinned and asked if I had ever used Climb On! I told him I had never heard of it, and he started ranting about how great it …

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Jul 11

Developing climbing strength with hand grippers

Captains of Crush hand grippers are a great way to build grip strength for rock climbing training

As climbers we are always looking for ways to increase our hand strength. Our grip is our weakest link to the rock, and most of us spend years trying to improve it. While climbing and hangboarding are the best ways to build climbing specific strength, we don’t always have access to them. Hand grippers, however, …

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Jul 05

Liquid Chalk: A revolution in climbing training

I was out shopping for chalk recently when I was shocked to find it offered in a bottle. Liquid Chalk!? Oh the wonders of modern science. I was skeptical of it at first, but after some experimentation I was happily surprised at how well it worked. While it’s more expensive than powder, one coat lasts …

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