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No matter how strong you are, if your fingers can't hold on you won't get far. Find all the tools and information you need to whip your fingers into shape for climbing.

Jul 11

Developing climbing strength with hand grippers

Captains of Crush hand grippers are a great way to build grip strength for rock climbing training

As climbers we are always looking for ways to increase our hand strength. Our grip is our weakest link to the rock, and most of us spend years trying to improve it. While climbing and hangboarding are the best ways to build climbing specific strength, we don’t always have access to them. Hand grippers, however, …

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Jul 09

Hangboard Training: Building fingers of steel

A hangboard workout is a great way to build finger strength and train for climbing

Hangboard training is one of the best ways to build finger strength for rock climbing. It efficiently targets the tendons and muscles used for gripping, resulting in quick improvements in climbing ability. I go through periods of heavy hangboard training a few times a year, and each time I see great results in my bouldering …

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