Feb 06

Competitive Rock Climbing Grows In Schools

A new competitive climbing league has opened in Rutherford County, Tennessee, according to the Murfreesboro Post. The new league, sponsored by The Ascent climbing gym, is open to all intermediate and high school students looking to climb competitively.

The gym offers each team unlimited access to the climbing facilities and gear for just a small team fee. Route setting for the competitions is done by Jeremy King.

Competitions start at the end of February, and more schools are still welcome to join.

Personally, I think it’s awesome to see rock climbing become more recognized as a legitimate competitive sport. It’s gaining traction around the country in schools and colleges, and might even be included in the Olympics soon (the Olympic committee is still deciding).

I would have loved to climb competitively in high school, but unfortunately I never had a chance. Hopefully the next generation of climbers, with the help of great gyms like The Ascent, will get that chance!


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