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Aug 15

Footage of soloing a 400 ft hand crack

  This is hands down the best climbing footage I’ve seen. It’s a first person view, filmed on a Go Pro camera, of a man free soloing a 400 ft hand crack. The route is a 5.10b called The Headache at Zion National Park. This was the fourth ascent of the route for this man. …

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Aug 10

Computer Science student uses chaos theory to create new routes

indoor climbing gym

I never realized how difficult route setting was until I took a three month setting class last year. I always took routes for granted and complained when they weren’t updated frequently or weren’t fun to climb. Then I tried to set my own routes… Not only was it exhausting, time consuming, and frustrating, but they …

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Jul 25

Make your own liquid chalk for climbing

A little while ago I talked about how liquid chalk could be used to provide a better grip than regular chalk. It provides a great base layer, dries out your sweat, and stays on for longer. However, one bottle is fairly expensive so some people may be hesitant to try it. If you want to …

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