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Sep 08

Climbers design a specialized prosthetic foot for rock climbing

These two climbers designed and built a specialized prosthetic foot just for rock climbing

CJ Howard and Mandy Ott have developed the world’s first prosthetic foot made specially for rock climbing. This unique device has allowed Howard to climb at Lover’s Leap, Sugarloaf, and even Yosemite. Howard lost his lower leg to osteosarcoma years ago but has continued to pursue sports, even setting world records for amputees. Since picking …

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Sep 08

A climbing harness for pregnant women?

This new harness by Mountain Mama is specially designed for pregnant women

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Mountain Mama, a company specializing in outdoor gear for expecting mothers, has just unveiled the world’s first climbing harness for pregnant women. Created with help from Mad Rock, the harness features padded leg loops and an “X” design in back to provide full support and cradle the torso. …

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Aug 26

Minnesota State Park Program Teaches Rock Climbing


I Can Climb! This summer the Minnesota State Parks division has been offering a program series called I Can Climb! According to the program website it offers “a  hands-on rock climbing experience designed for those who want to learn about knot tying, belaying, rope management skills, use of technical equipment, and climbing commands from qualified …

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Aug 15

Footage of soloing a 400 ft hand crack

  This is hands down the best climbing footage I’ve seen. It’s a first person view, filmed on a Go Pro camera, of a man free soloing a 400 ft hand crack. The route is a 5.10b called The Headache at Zion National Park. This was the fourth ascent of the route for this man. …

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Jul 28

Build climbing strength with yoga

Yoga is great cross training for rock climbing

Yoga is an ancient technique for developing physical and mental focus. There are many types of yoga, but most of them involve holding various poses while maintaining correct breathing. While many people practice it as a form of relaxation and spiritual development, it also has benefits to various other aspects of life, especially rock climbing! …

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Jul 25

Make your own liquid chalk for climbing

A little while ago I talked about how liquid chalk could be used to provide a better grip than regular chalk. It provides a great base layer, dries out your sweat, and stays on for longer. However, one bottle is fairly expensive so some people may be hesitant to try it. If you want to …

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