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The Best Flash Deal Websites

I did a review recently of the flash deal website The Clymb and have been surprised how many people have been checking it out. I guess I underestimated the popularity of flash deals! I can admit, it gets addicting looking at new deals all the time (I scored some awesome pants and shoes recently!), but a lot of the time I’ve found that The Clymb doesn’t have stuff that I’m that interested in. I wanted more variety. So I wondered, how many other sites like The Clymb are there?

As a result, I went looking for other flash deal sites, and was surprised to see just how many there are out there! They all have their own take on the flash deal style, and specialize in different areas. I signed up for a bunch to get a feel for which ones have the best items and prices. After buying a few things I’ve had a pretty positive experience with most of them, but some stand out more then others. The following is my list of the best flash deal sites.

1. LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports is another flash deal site based on outdoor, fitness, and action products. I’ve seen deals for climbers, surfers, cyclists, hikers… pretty much any outdoor enthusiast would be able to find something they like here.

One thing I like a lot about LeftLane is you don’t need to be a member to see what’s currently on sale (although you do have to make an account to see prices). This is great because you can get a taste for the products they sell without being forced to register first (as opposed to most other flash deal sites).

My most recent purchases from LeftLane were a pair of Vibram FiveFingers and Millet Dulac Pro climbing shoes. I had been wanting a pair of Vibrams for a while, but they were a bit too expensive for me. LeftLane had them for 50% off the Amazon price so I snatched up a pair as soon as I could!

The Millets were also about 50% off normal price and I’ve been loving them as a very aggressive bouldering shoe. Unfortunately, most of the climbing equipment at LeftLane goes quickly, so you’ve got to keep a careful eye on their deals if you want a chance of picking up something good.

Overall, in my experience LeftLane Sports offers good service and snappy shipping. I’d recommend you check them out if you’re looking for good prices on outdoor gear.

2. Seshday

Seshday is a flash deal site focused on offering deals for board sports. They have a lot of great sales on surf, skate, and snow gear. I’ve often seen them give great deals on surfboards and other high ticket items. If you’re into board sports at all you could save a lot of money by keeping your eye on these sales.

Seshday is based in Southern California and tries to stick to its roots in the action sports industry. They offer a 30 day refund policy and ship most items with UPS or USPS.

3. Planet Gear

Planet Gear is a great twist on the traditional flash deal model… they specialize in outdoor gear just for women!

If you’re looking for outdoor apparel and gear just for women you’ll find a lot of great stuff here. A lot of other flash deal sites get too general with the merchandise they offer, and because of this a lot of the items aren’t too relevant to your interests.

Planet Gear sticks close to its niche though, and provides a great opportunity to grab women’s footwear, apparel, and gear at a great price. Check this place out girls!

4. Driftwagon

Based in San Diego, Driftwagon is another flash deal site focused on action and outdoor sports.They’ve got a ton of surf, snow, and skate gear at prices a lot cheaper then retail.

They also sport a beautiful website and update their deals every few days. If you’re keen on getting good deals on action sports equipment I’d recommend keeping an eye on Driftwagon deals as well.

5. Huckberry

According to their site, “Huckberry is like your favorite store, your grandpa’s favorite store, and your favorite magazine all rolled into one.”

Based in San Francisco, they offer deals on high quality outdoor gear with a no frills approach. Huckberry doesn’t guarantee things like “80% off gear!” but instead tries to bring you the coolest new gear at a good price.

They’ve got a great weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date on their freshest offerings. It’s a good balance between finding new sales and getting your inbox bombarded with deals, and for that I respect them.

If you’re looking for some high quality, high class gear, Huckberry is your gig.

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