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The Clymb Review: Are the deals any good?

The clymb offers climbing gear  at up to 70%. Check out my review of the clymb here

70% Off Climbing Gear?

The Clymb is a new website that offers flash sales on outdoor gear. I was intrigued by their claim of offering gear at up to 70% off, so I decided to join and try it out.

I followed their flash sales for a while and scored some pretty nice deals. I really like the site overall, but there are some caveats to it that I wanted to share, so I decided to write a Clymb review for you guys.

Read on for the full review, or skip to the summary here. If you want to check out similar sites to The Clymb, check out my post about my favorite flash deal sites.

About The Clymb

The Clymb is a US company based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2009 by outdoor veterans looking to provide other outdoor enthusiasts with great deals on gear. They basically contract directly with suppliers to pick up extra inventory at a big discount. This allows The Clymb to sell their gear cheaply, but it also means there isn’t that much of it, so things can sell out quickly.

The site is members only, but joining up is easy and free. Everyday it features new deals they call “flash sales.” These sales usually last about three days, or until they sell out. The gear being offered can vary widely, but it generally stays in the realm of outdoor merchandise.

Things I’ve seen for sale:

  • Climbing shoes, harnesses, crash pads, helmets, carabiners, chalk bags
  • Gibbon slack lines
  • Stand up paddle boards and paddles
  • Outdoor knives
  • Bicycle frames and helmets
  • Tents and camping gear
  • Hiking packs and shoes
  • Running shoes and accessories
  • Tons of clothing and apparel
  • Surf shorts and accessories
In this review of the clymb we cover what products you might see on sale

Gibbon slacklines 35% off? Yes please!

Are the deals actually any good?

I’m always skeptical of any claims of 70% off, so I’ve done a lot of investigating into the pricing of The Clymb’s gear. Hardly any stores actually sell items at the full suggested retail price, so claiming 70% below retail can be very misleading. As an experiment, I’ve been comparing The Clymb’s prices to Amazon’s prices to see how they stack up.I do most of my online shopping at Amazon because they have the biggest selection and usually the best prices, so I figured comparing against Amazon gives a pretty good benchmark for how good the deals actually are.

In my experience, The Clymb ranges from about the same to 50% below Amazon prices. On average they seem to be about 30% below what Amazon charges. The deals are actually pretty good! As an interesting example, my friend bought a Gibbon slackline from Amazon a few weeks ago for about 70 bucks. Right after he got it I saw the same slacklines go on sale at The Clymb for about 25 bucks less. Amazon is already a good deal to start with, and The Clymb was selling them for 35% cheaper!

Personally, I’ve bought a nice bike helmet (50% below amazon!), some cool skate shoes(55% off amazon!), and a slick pair of Hurley shorts.

Of course, not all the deals are going to be amazing, and you’re not going to want all the stuff they’re selling (They keep stocking bike frames, I want more climbing gear!). However, with new deals starting everyday there is usually something cool to pick up for cheap, it may just take a bit of waiting and watching.

Shipping from The Clymb

The Clymb charges between 98 cents to $7.98 to ship your order, depending on your items. They ship with FedEx Ground to the continental United States, and with USPS to Hawaii and Alaska. One of the major hang ups with The Clymb is that shipping is a bit slow.

They say to expect arrival in two to four weeks. While this is slower than most places, it’s just a result of their contract with the suppliers. They get extra inventory for cheap in exchange for getting it later. Fortunately, they are very upfront about the shipping time and it’s a fair trade off for getting such good deals.

Other Thoughts

Their cheap gear makes The Clymb a pretty good site to keep your eye on. However, there are a couple little things they do that make me really like their site.

  • After my first purchase I received a $15 credit as a welcoming gift (That was a pleasant surprise!).
  • They have a referral program where you get a $20 credit for every friend you refer.
  • They are Oregon based, so there is no sales tax!
  • The whole site is very streamlined, slick looking, and easy to use. I’m a sucker for the aesthetic appeal.
  • Their support team has been very friendly and helpful. They make me like doing business with them.
  • Low, flat rate shipping for your whole order

The Clymb Review: Downsides to the site

While The Clymb has a lot of great things going for it, it’s still not perfect. Here are some things that bothered me about the site. While not being deal breakers, they are still things to keep in mind.

  • The product displays offer very little information on what is being sold. They tell you only the product name and give a picture. You’re on your own to find any information about it.
  • Only apparel and footwear can be returned, and then it’s only for store credit and must be returned within 30 days. Most other gear cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged
  • As noted before, delivery takes 2-4 weeks.
  • The best deals can sell out fast. You need to be on alert to catch them
  • Sizes offered are limited on clothes and shoes

Just the other day The Clymb launched a FiveTen flash sale with really good prices on climbing shoes. I found a nice pair 60% cheaper than the FiveTen site, plus they had my size! I excitedly added them to my cart and went to check out. Sadly, when I clicked to place the order it said they had already been sold out. So much disappointment… You gotta be quick on some of these deals!

The Verdict


  • Deals are usually 30% to 50% off what you would normally find
  • Lots of outdoor gear from quality brands
  • Hiking, camping, climbing, surfing, cycling, and snowboarding gear available
  • $20 credit for referring friends
  • No sales tax!
  • Easy to use, streamlined site
  • New deals start every day
  • Friendly and helpful support team


  • ┬áDelivery can take 2-4 weeks
  • Very little product information available
  • Not many sizes offered on clothing and footwear
  • Some deals sell out fast
  • Limited return policy


Overall The Clymb has really grown on me. I excitedly check the new deals each day, and have scored some really nice stuff for cheap! I can sincerely recommend that you check it out, as long as you keep the few downsides to it in mind. Notably, don’t expect your order to arrive quickly. It can take up to two weeks for delivery. Also, be very sure you want want you are ordering. The return policy isn’t very lenient.

If you are fine with those things, then you can expect to pick up some very cool stuff! Keep your eyes on their daily sales and you might score something awesome.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of The Clymb and that this has given you a better understanding of what to expect from their site. Let us know about any cool gear you pick up!


I’ve been doing some more deal hunting and I’ve found a few more flash sites that promote deals on outdoor gear. They work in similar ways to The Clymb, but stock different items and sales. If you’re shopping around for great deals you should also keep your eyes on these sites.



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